Individual Instruction at Keansburg Batting Cages

Hitting lessons can greatly improve a players experience with Little League and Youth Baseball/Softball. Private lessons are best utilized to form the foundation of a proper swing mechanics and/or pitching mechanics. Players that get proper instruction will do better on game-day and their baseball carriers will last longer.

Lessons and other forms of instruction are the key to advancing to the next level of play and playing like an all-star.

What We Teach:

  • Proper mechanics for a high quality swing
  • Repetition of a high quality swing
  • Proper timing – from addressing the plate to load timing and extension to the ball
  • Repetition of hitting baseballs on a T, front toss, back toss, and with live pitching
  • Confidence and strategies to master the mental game to include pitch counts and game situations

Ready to perfect your swing?

To learn more about our lessons and to schedule, contact us at 908-902-3193.